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  • Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Making Sense of Combustible Dust Hazard Analysis. Process hazard analyses (PHAs) have been conducted for decades in many industries. First conceived at ICI in the 1960s (Kletz, 2009), they have been refined and adapted for various applications, now finding their way into... Read more
  • Summer 2017 Newsletter

    Summer 2017 Newsletter

    Defining Dust Hazard Areas Can Help Streamline DHAs. Introduction: NFPA 654 provides clarification on how to determine if a flash fire or explosion hazard exists. As part of the facility and systems design section, it is now required that a hazard assessment be conducted... Read more
  • Spring 2017 Newsletter

    Spring 2017 Newsletter

    Reactive chemicals are materials capable of giving rise to an uncontrolled chemical reaction (a.k.a., a runaway reaction). Reactions with a significant release of heat, gas and/or toxic materials have the potential to cause harm to people, property or the environment… Read more
  • Summer_2016_Newsletter

    Summer 2016 Newsletter

    OSHA Fact Sheet: Protecting Workers from Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards Combustible dust can fuel a flash fire or explosion when dispersed in a dust cloud. Workers in many industries who handle combustible solids may be exposed to combustible dus... Read more
  • Summer_2015_Newsletter

    Summer 2015 Newsletter

    OSHA Clarifies Enforcement Guidance on Combustible Dust The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), responding to a request of the National Forest and Paper Association, has updated its compliance guidance on how inspectors are to evalu... Read more
  • Winter_2015_Newsletter

    Winter 2015 Newsletter

    CSB Urges OSHA for Combustible Dust Regulations in Wake of Ink Plant Fire Report It took just minutes for a flash fire near a bag dump station inside a New Jersey ink plant to set off an orange fireball that engulfed seven workers. All of the workers... Read more