Archived Webinars

Catch-up today on chemical reactivity, combustible dust, and process safety issues via published webinars by ioKinetic.

Chemical Reactivity Management

In this webinar, learn an approach to identifying and characterizing reactive materials and how to reduce the risk associated with chemical handling, including runaway incidents and explosions.

Combustible Dust — What You Should Know About NFPA 652

Watch this webinar for an overview of NFPA 652 and how it provides the basic principles and minimum requirements to manage fire, flash fire, and explosion hazards of combustible dusts.

Deflagration Venting for Combustible Dusts — What You Need to Know

This webinar will help you understand the deflagration venting process, the necessary information required to conduct the evaluation, and some key issues to watch for when you get your results.

Pressure Relief System Design of Reactive Systems

Learn the basics of pressure relief system sizing for reactive systems; review of the operating procedure, adiabatic calorimeter test design, how to apply data generated to design the pressure relief systems.

The Dust Hazards Analysis Deadline Is Approaching. Are You Ready?

Register for this free 60-minute, ioKinetic-sponsored webinar and prepare to fulfill the pre-planning, execution and follow-up tasks required by a NFPA-compliant dust hazards analysis.