Blasting Cap (Detonability Go/No Go) Testing

ioKinetic has the expertise to support your process safety testing needs to comply with local requirements.


The blasting cap (Detonability Go/No Go) test provides a means for assessing the sensitivity of a new composition to relatively intense impact. The tests are carried by placing the material for test in a test tube, then inserting a blasting cap in the open end of the test tube. A witness tube provides means for determining whether or not a propagating explosion was initiated and also provides means for comparing the energy release behavior of the composition being tested with that of better-known compositions. In this manner, it can be determined whether or not a certain sample is expected to propagate.

Applicable Standard

No current ASTM Standard exists for completing blasting cap (Detonability Go/No Go) tests. ioKinetic follows the procedure developed by S. Meyers of Arthur D. Little in Process Safety Progress (Vol. 20, No. 1) March 2001.

Sample Requirements

Approximately 15 ml of material is required.