Watch our videos to see us in our laboratory environment and get to know us better. ioKinetic offers a complete solution for characterization and management of chemical reactivity. We have our own lab and conduct our own work. We want to become a trusted resource for our clients. Check back often to see what we are doing, how we have raised the bar on laboratory services and our next steps toward safeguarding chemistry.


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What ioKinetic Can Do for You

ioKinetic is an ISO accredited laboratory that conducts both chemical reactivity testing and combustible dust characterization. View the video to learn more about what we have to offer. Presented by Michelle Murphy, Partner at ioKinetic.

MIE Test of Plastic Dust Demo

Watch as our lab engineer demonstrates one test in a series of tests that make up a minimum ignition energy test. The bright flash observed clearly shows this dust is sensitive to electrostatic ignition at the level applied.

ioKinetic Laboratory Walkthrough

Take a walk through our ISO accredited, ultramodern testing facility where we help our clients minimize their operational risk. Our experienced professionals support the needs of clients all across the globe. This video will focus primarily on our chemical reactivity and combustible dust testing equipment.

ioKinetic Battery Testing Capabilities

ioKinetic has invested in a Calorimeter which measures the safety of batteries by simulating both normal and worst-case operating conditions safely under laboratory conditions. Count on us to help you understand and manage your battery hazards.

ioKinetic 3-Step Approach to Sizing Relief Systems for Reactive Systems

Chemical reactions with a significant release of heat, gas and/or toxic materials have the potential to cause harm to people, property or the environment. Watch the video to see the ioKinetic 3-step systematic approach to sizing relief systems for reactive systems.

Intro to Adiabatic Reaction Calorimetry

Do you need to identify unknown hazards? Chemical reactivity testing will assist you in reducing hazards that you may otherwise not be aware of, and help you comply with regulatory standards. The data generated can be used to meet PSM regulatory requirements and for emergency relief system (ERS) design.

Explosion Severity Test Demo

Take a look at one test, part of a series of tests which ioKinetic conducts to better understand how much pressure might be generated during an explosion in an industrial setting. Presented by Michelle Murphy, Partner at ioKinetic.

Burn Rate Test Demo

Observe the flame propagation of a layer of dust in a burn rate test. Historically completed as part of UN and DOT requirements, this test has now been incorporated into recent NFPA standards as a means of measuring combustibility of a dust layer (e.g. NFPA 652).

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter Test Demo

An ARC® is primarily used for liquid phase reactive systems. It is also used for safety / performance evaluation of explosives and propellants. Take a look at how it works. Presented by Surendra Singh, Senior Safety & Risk Management Consultant at ioMosaic.