Vent Sizing Package 2 Testing

The Vent Sizing Package 2 (also known as VSP2) is a powerful bench-scale tool used to simulate fire exposure and direct scale-up of chemical reactivity due to its ability to assess an array of process conditions. Designed as a lightweight test cell, it offers adiabatic pressure tracking, heat-wait-search for exotherm detection, isothermal control from cooling coils, an auxiliary fill line, and if necessary, a dual container catch pot can be added.

The VSP2's most significant feature and advantage for our clients is the availability of mechanical stirring for high-viscosity systems, such as polymers, etc. A challenge frequently associated with magnetic stirring for high-viscosity systems is that the self-heating rate output may be very coarse. The mechanical stirring of the VSP2 facilitates a smoothing out of self-heating rate, which allows for increased accuracy in a pressure relief design. 

Data obtained can be applied to pressure relief scenarios involving process scale-up, fire exposure, and chemical reactivity hazards such as loss of cooling, loss of stirring, mischarge of reagents, mass-loaded upset, batch contamination, fire exposure heating, etc.


Vent Sizing Package 2

VSP2TM manufactured by Fauske & Associates, LLC

Sample Preparation

Samples can be run "as-received" or prepared in our laboratory. Our test design experts have handled everything from highly toxic or flammable samples, regulated, gas condensation, catalyst injection, and more. Call us at 1-844-ioKinetic to ask questions or discuss any specific sample preparation needs.