Specialty Sample Preparation

Our laboratory chemists and engineers have decades of experience in handling specialty sample preparation requests. Condensing flammable gases, handling hazardous materials, managing materials that react at low temperature, and conducting injected tests are all specialty sample preparations that have been successfully implemented by the ioKinetic scientists. Let us help you design specialty testing to meet your challenges. Some examples of challenges we have overcome are provided below:

Flammable Gas Sampling

Quite often chemical reactivity of a flammable gas alone and in combination with other gases or a catalyst are evaluated. The challenging issue is not only to handle flammable gases but measure accurately in minute amounts (i.e., fraction of gram levels). For example, ethylene oxide (EO) is a starting material in the production of many specialty chemicals. It is a gas at room temperature with a flash point of -20°C. It is highly flammable and does not need an external source of oxygen to combust since it’s molecule has an oxygen molecule. These intrinsic properties of EO requires it be handled in a special environment. ioKinetic has developed a procedure to condense flammable gases (such as EO) and sample accurately in a controlled environment.  

Handling Hazardous Materials

Many chemicals are hazardous due to toxicity, flammability and/or reactivity. Our lab has developed procedures to handle samples with NFPA ratings of 3 and 4 for health, flammability and reactivity. For example, some of the Organometallic compounds (triisobutylaluminum, triethylaluminum) and fine metallic powders like magnesium, are highly hazardous in terms of carcinogenicity, flammability, and reactivity (e.g., reacting explosively with moisture and air at room temperature). Testing with these types of chemicals requires special handling skills and ioKinetic’s chemists and engineers have decades of experience in handling them.

Managing Materials That React at Low Temperature

The need to study reactive materials alone and/or in combination with other chemicals has always presented a challenge in sample preparation. Certain peroxides have self-decomposition temperatures of sub-ambient temperature, pyrophoric materials react immediately in the presence of oxygen and/or moisture. ioKinetic has developed procedures to prepare samples under controlled environments include sub-ambient temperature.

Conducting Injected Test

Many mixtures react as soon as they come into contact with one another at room temperature. Chemical reactivity measurements of these types of reactive mixtures can be accomplished with an injected test. There are many challenges associated with injection associated with toxicity, flammability, reactivity, accurate quantity, and pressure and temperature buildup during injection. For example, acid base reactions and initiated monomer polymerization. ioKinetic is well equipped to handle these tests.

We Can Help

Let us help you design specialty testing to meet your challenges. Call us at 1-844-ioKinetic to discuss.