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ioKinetic experts not only provide you with timely, reliable and reproducible data, but they will also only recommend the services that are ‘right’ for your company’s safety efforts.

Chemical Reactivity Testing Chemical Reactivity
Our testing can help you define the chemical reaction hazards associated and the undecided reaction. Learn More

Combustible Dust Testing Combustible Dust
Our testing can help you understand the hazards, and ultimately the risks, associated with the dust being handled. Learn More

Flammability Testing Flammability
Our testing can help you understand the hazards, and the risks, associated with flammable liquids and vapors. Learn More


Physical Properties Measurement Physical Properties
We can help you in making your products safer. We also can help ensure the accuracy of your MSDS documentation. Learn More

Process Safety Services Process
Safety Services
Our experienced consultants have the technical expertise to help you identify, characterize, and reduce risk. Learn More

Specialized Testing Services Specialized Testing
Our highly trained chemists produce results, tailoring specialized testing to meet your specific requirements. Learn More

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