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  • Summer_2015_Newsletter

    Summer 2015 Newsletter

    OSHA Clarifies Enforcement Guidance on Combustible Dust The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), responding to a request of the National Forest and Paper Association, has updated its compliance guidance on how inspectors are to evalu... Read more
  • Winter_2015_Newsletter

    Winter 2015 Newsletter

    CSB Urges OSHA for Combustible Dust Regulations in Wake of Ink Plant Fire Report It took just minutes for a flash fire near a bag dump station inside a New Jersey ink plant to set off an orange fireball that engulfed seven workers. All of the workers... Read more
  • Fall_2014_Newsletter

    Fall 2014 Newsletter

    New Combustible Wood Policies Take Effect As of September 1, in British Columbia, Canadian employers in the sawmill and wood product manufacturing sectors will have to undertake a combustible dust risk assessment, implement a dust management program ... Read more
  • Summer_2013_Newsletter

    Summer 2013 Newsletter

    OSHA Issues $233,870 Fine for Combustible Dust and Other Hazards A wood shavings manufacturer was issued $233,870 in fines for 28 alleged violations of workplace safety and health standards including combustible dust, confined space, chemical, mechan... Read more
  • Winter_2013_Newsletter

    Winter 2013 Newsletter

    Dow Chemical Processing Plant Explosion Causes Worker Death A lab technician was killed by an explosion and fire at a Dow Chemical Plant in North Andover, MA. A joint investigation found the fire was caused by the exposure of trimethylindium, a pyrop... Read more
  • Fall_2012_Newsletter

    Fall 2012 Newsletter

    Cost-Effective Approaches to Combustible Dust Testing If you look at your process and determine that you are handling fine powders, particulate solids or dusts, it is essential that you understand if any of the materials are combustible dusts. This d... Read more